dimanche 14 août 2011

ARTISTE A L'HONNEUR - All about Leon Thompson (I)

Emotion is a beautiful thing...
Ever since I could remember I have always backed the underdog and for some reason I am drawn to the everyday struggles and depressions that people face, however big or small, at the moment its my most recognizable emotion, maybe because I’m in that struggle, sadness is very familiar to me and filters through to my work, lately it’s the only honest emotion that triggers my senses when I’m behind the lens, but is not all negative, in some ways it’s therapy for me and my subjects, the whole creative process, and to get the opportunity to re-present what I see and feel, I am truly honored. My subjects are then able to reframe and put the scene in to perspective and in this fast moving world, even if it’s just for a moment... Somebody cares. Leon Thompson.

Born and raised in east London and former photography student from the University of Arts, photographer Leon Thompson prensent his talents with a diverse body of portraitures, social documentary & fashion. His genuine interest in people from diverse backgrounds and contrasting lifestyle has been the environment that has shaped his work. Always in the pursuit of personnal projects, Leon is determined to present a intimate glimpse into a diverse range of personalities at their most ungarded.

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